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Problem resolved. Only E43 is affected.
You may check your allocation and appeal if needed.

This is the Subject Combination Exercise for Secondary Two students going on to Secondary Three in 2024 . 

Students are advised to choose their subject combinations based on their overall results and their interest. Placement is dependent on academic merit and the availability of places in the option.  

Express: 5 choices. 
Normal (A): 4 choices. 
Normal (T): 2 choices. 


Registration Period26 Oct (Thu) 4pm to 31 Oct (Tue) 4:30pm
Check Allocation Results6 Nov (Mon) 2pm
Appeal Period6 Nov (Mon) 2pm to 10 Nov (Fri) 12:30pm
Check Appeal Results17 Nov (Fri) 12:30pm

If you have any issues with the login, please send eMail to with the following info:

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